Madagascar, a country to be discovered

As a land of contrasts, Madagascar has an abundance of advantages for the travellers from all over the world. An exceptional endemic nature, a unique historical and cultural heritage, and a virgin and unexplored littoral are proposed to the visitors on a trip to Madagascar.

A plethora of activities and curiosities offered to the travellers

The holiday in madagascar has loads of curiosities to be discovered. For a holiday oriented around a historical and cultural exploration, for a seaside holiday, or for a traveller in search of exceptional landscapes, the Island offers a range of curiosities to its visitors. All over this insular land, a series of sites and activities draw our attention to attract the visitors who are passing through.

A trip in the middle of an authentic nature

Being a complete sanctuary of the nature, Madagascar surprises everyone by its records for the endemics of 90 % for its fauna and of 80 % pour its flora. In the south part of this island, the national park of Andohahela certainly shows this unique ecosystem of Madagascar. Being a natural reserve of the highest importance, this place has many rare species in fauna and flora. 13 species of lemurs as well as an exceptional formation of vegetation are to be seen in the park of Andohahela, such as the Dypsis Decaryi, a variety of extremely rare triangular palm trees.

A seaside holiday par excellence

In addition to this abundance of natural resources, that destination is also a favourite place for seaside holidays. More than 5,000 kilometres of littoral is proposed to the holidaymakers for some moment of relaxation, rest, and aquatic leisure activities. In the Sainte-Marie Island, in the eastern side of Madagascar, the trip is devoted sometimes to farniente sometimes to discover something. The blue waters on the lagoon of this island thus suggest having some moments of never-ending; sun-tanning as well as a myriad of activities, such as diving, windsurfing. The discovery is later carried out by sailing along the coasts to observe the humpback whales migrating to the waters of the Sainte-Marie Island.

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