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Iran Visa

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Information on how to apply for a tourist type entry visa.


process of obtaining entry visa

Tourist visa information

To travel to Iran as a tourist, you need an entry visa.

If a trip organized by specialized travel agencies is contracted, the agency is responsible for obtaining the reference number, initiating the necessary procedures from Iran. The reference number is a preliminary step to obtain the final visa that is obtained in the Iranian embassy.

To obtain the reference number it is necessary to give the travel agency a series of documents that are described below.

Required documents:
B- The documentation that must be submitted to the agency to obtain the entry visa:
Once the reference number is issued, we need to send the following documents to the embassy to obtain the visa stamp in the passport.
A- The documentation that must be submitted to the agency, to request the reference number:
  1. Booking flights, round trip, country of origin-Iran.

  2. Photocopy of travelers' passports. (Passports with more than 6 months validity on the date of completion of your trip to Iran).

  3. A passport-sized photograph no more than 6 months old, with a white background.

  4. The corresponding application form, duly completed and signed by the / the applicant.

Download the form from here:
Download the form from here:
  1. Two passport-size photographs, no more than 6 months old, with a white background.

  2. * Original passport in force more than 6 months validity at the time of starting the journey.

  3. Certificate of travel assistance insurance issued on behalf of travelers and covering all the time of stay in the country, counting the day of entry and the day of departure.

  4. Forms to fill out and sign (one form per passenger), and proof of payment of the corresponding fees.

Important notes
  • To prepare the trip and respect the deadlines, it is important to bear in mind that the process of obtaining the visa from the moment of initiating the necessary procedures (obtaining a reference number), until obtaining the visa stamp in the passport can last three to four weeks.

  • Your passport must not include the stamp of entry or exit of Israel, since in this case you will be denied the visa.

Visa at the airport of entry

An alternative for obtaining the visa is, once the reference number or the pre-visa is issued, the traveler upon arrival at the airport of entry and request the visa in the passport control showing the pre-visa document and paying the corresponding fees. The process is safe and simple although it may take longer, because of the waiting.

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