The Iranian gastronomy

The Iranian cuisine is rich and tasty. Its main ingredients are beef and lamb and all kinds of fresh vegetables. These stews are served with varieties of aromatic, very tasty rice, called "poló" and different types of bread. Iranian cuisine is very elaborate and requires preparation and time.

It is not usual to use very spicy spices with strong flavors in the preparation of dishes, so most people like Iranian food and enjoy its flavors.


Although each region of the country has its typical dishes, there are foods that are prepared everywhere like the "Ab-Gusht" or Dizi, named for the container in which it is served. It is a dish cooked with lamb, chickpeas and potatoes.


"Chelo Kabab", in all its varieties, is the typical dish that is served throughout the national geography and consists of roasted lamb skewers over the fire served with aromatic rice and roasted tomatoes.


The typical drink is "Dugh" which is prepared based on sparkling water and white yogurt plus spices, resulting in a very healthy and refreshing drink.


Another dish of national character is the "Ash" a kind of thick soup and very nutritious, made with vegetables and vegetables.

The traditional Iranian bread is very rich and nutritious, it is flat and has varied forms.

Another delicacy is the pastry and pastry, very fine, delicious and varied. Lovers of sweets and cakes should visit the pastry shops to appreciate the different varieties of sweets and cakes that are made and no doubt will be surprised to see the quantity and quality of their products.