A pleasure trip to see the wonders of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbiyán


Year 2019 Program




Day 1. Spain / Baku

Departure by regular flight to Baku. Arrival at Baku airport. Meeting with the company representative and transfer to the hotel. (- / - / -)

Day 2. Tour of the city Baku / Absheron

Half pension. We will dedicate the morning to the visit of the old center of the capital. We will start with a visit to the Mártires Cemetery, located on the highest slopes of the west end of the city, this is the best place to see the panorama of the city and Baku Bay. We will arrive at the historical center of the city of Baku, to its old town - 'Icheri Sheher'. We will see the Palace of the Shirvans (the most striking example of the medieval palatial structures in Azerbaijan, dating from the mid-fifteenth century); The Maiden's Tower (the old eight-story fortress originally built as a fire beacon); We will visit the Dzhuma mosque, antique shops and carpets. Free time. After spending it mainly in the Great Baku, where they will take you to the main sites of the Absheron Peninsula. We will visit Ateshgah, the Temple of the Faithful of Fire located in the village of Surakhany. Then we will visit Yanar Dag (mountain of fire). There used to be many similar places in Absheron where natural gas was coming out of the ground to the surface. At present, this is the only place of this unique natural phenomenon that remains in Azerbaijan. We will return to the city of Baku and visit the old market of Yashil Bazar, Dinner in a restaurant. Hotel accommodation in Baku. (B / - / D).

Day 3. Gobustan / Shamakhi / Sheki (360 km)

Full board. We will head towards the Gobustan reserve - the open-air museum filled with Neolithic rock drawings. Only 65 km south of Baku, Gobustan has some 4000 entries dating back to 12,000 years (with 2,000-year-old Latin graffiti). On his way to Shamakhi, he will stop to visit the two-story Diri Baba mausoleum (sig.XV) and the Seven Domes mausoleum, both located in Shamahki. The architecture of Diri-Baba is in harmony with the picturesque surroundings: the landscape of rocks and green trees. The construction of the mausoleum is a masterpiece of the Shirvan school of architecture, the beautiful creation of ancient craftsmen. The monument is under state protection. Mausoleum of Seven Domes is an ancient cemetery of members of the royal Shirvan Shakh dynasty with a good view for the entire city. We follow the route to Sheki. Dinner and hotel accommodation in Sheki. (B / L / D)

Day 4. City tour Sheki / Lagodekhi (Azerbaijan-Georgia border) / Gremi / Kindzmarauli / Kvareli (170 km)

Half pension. In the morning we will visit Sheki city center - one of the most famous and oldest places in Azerbaijan, located 700 meters above sea level. This ancient city was famous for a long time as a silk center and an important stop on the Great Silk Road. Sheki still has the site of a large factory that was once the largest silk plant in the Soviet Union. The tour will start from Khan's summer palace, from the 18th century, with magnificent frescoes (one of 24 m long) and exquisite stained glass (northern part of the city). We will visit the Sheki confectioneries, souvenir shops, workshops of the exquisite stained glass windows called Shabaka and the workshop of national musical instruments. Next we will see the Albanian church located in the nearby village of Kish. We will follow the route to the Georgia border. We will have some border procedures, change of transport and guide. We will continue towards Kakheti. Located in the great mountains of the Caucasus and with a wide and sunny plain, Kakheti is the dream of the wine producers. This is where the renaissance came from Georgia has found its development and where boutique wineries and some larger ones, too, are putting Georgia back on the world map of wine. We will visit the fortress of Gremi- a fortress and a central dome church of the Archangel built with square bricks. The interior of the church is decorated with 17th century frescoes. Next we will visit the Kindzmarauli winery in Kvareli and we will have the tasting of Georgian wine. Hotel accommodation in Kvareli. (B / L  /-)

Day 5. Kvareli / Alaverdi / Telavi / Tsinandali / Tbilisi (160 km.)

Half pension. After breakfast we will drive to the Alaverdi Cathedral. Parts of the monastery date back to the 6th century, but the current cathedral was built in the 11th century by Kvirike III of Kajetia on a former St. George's church. We will have a stop in the center of Telavi. Next we will travel to Tsinandali where we will visit the House-Museum of the prince and romantic poet Alexandre Chavchavadze (sig.XIX), who introduced in Georgia the European method of wine production. We will visit the house, where the furniture and objects belong to the family, being the majority of European brand. In the afternoon we will arrive in Tbilisi. Dinner with folklore show in a traditional restaurant. Hotel accommodation in Tbilisi. (B / - / D)

Day 6. Tour of Tbilisi

Half pension. After breakfast we will have a guided tour of the city of Tbilisi. It will be unforgettable hours of familiarization with the capital. A charming city built in the 5th century along the tortuous valley of the Mtkvari river. All places of interest are very close to each other, a few minutes walk. We started the excursion from the Meteji medieval church (13th century), we will go up by cable cars to the Narikala fortress (4th century) that dominates the skyline of the old town. We continue exploring the underground sulfur baths in the oriental style, with a brick dome (17th century) - the district of naturally hot mineral waters. We will walk through the center discovering Shardeni street with its attractive cafes and galleries that will attract your attention. We will visit the synagogue, the cathedral of Sioni, the basilica of Anchisjati (6th century). Visit to the National Museum of artisanal goldsmithing dating from the 3rd millennium BC. Finally the circuit will take us to the main avenue of Rustaveli where we will see the Parliament, the Opera, the Ballet and the Tbilisi Theater, which will provide a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Accommodation in Tbilisi. (B / L  /-)

Services included


  • Return flight ticket from Spain.

  • Transfers: Frontera / Hotel / Airport

  • Transportation corresponding to the program

  • Professional Spanish or English speaking guide

  • Accommodation in hotels:

  • 1 x night in Dilijan

  • 3 x night in Yerevan

  • Lunch: 4 x lunch / 1 x dinner

  • Preparation presentation of "Lavash"

  • Entrance tickets to places of interest according to the itinerary

  • One bottle of water per day p.p.

  • Basic travel insurance.

Not included

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • SUV in Kazbegi

  • Food not included in the price

  • All services not included in the program



- The museums are closed on Mondays.

- It is advisable to bring sunscreen, waterproof jacket, comfortable shoes to walk in some points of tourist interest.

- It is not allowed to enter the churches with shorts.

- Women should wear veils / headscarves in Orthodox churches.




- To travel to Georgia and Armenia from Spain or any country of the European Union Passport valid for at least six months at the time of entry. It is not necessary to obtain a visa. This is valid for trips of up to one full year. On the other hand, foreigners who legally reside in Spain, or those foreigners with a valid Spanish visa, may visit Georgia without the need for a visa issued by the Georgian authorities. Although this is valid for stays of up to 90 days.


- To travel to Azerbaijan from Spain or any country of the European Union it is necessary to obtain E-visa.

To process your visa you must send us your scanned passport and a completed form.

The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the expiration date of the requested visa and have at least one blank page.

Day 7. Tbilisi / Mtskheta / Gori / Uflistsije / Gudauri (270 km.)

Half pension. We will drive to Mtskheta, the former capital of the Kingdom of Georgia and UNESCO heritage, which is located at the intersection of the military road and the Silk Road. The circuit includes the following places: the Dshvari Monastery (cross) of the sixth century that had a great impact on the development of Georgian architecture and served as a model for many other churches and

Cathedral of Svetitsjoveli (sig.XI), magnificent both inside and outside, plays an important role since it is there where the tunic of Christ was buried. We will continue towards Gori, the hometown of Stalin. We will visit the Uplistsije complex (fortress of the Lord), the city excavated in Rock from the 1st millennium BC, where we will discover several structures of that time and observe different cultures of the rock cut: the theater, a pharmacy and several palaces. We will have a brief stop at the Stalin house-museum. In the afternoon we will arrive to Gudauri. Dinner and hotel accommodation in Gudauri. (B / - / D)

Day 8. Gudauri / Kazbegi / Ananuri / Tbilisi (190 km.)

Half pension. Through Gudauri, along the Tergi River we will drive to Kazbegi, the main city of the region. From Kazbegi we will go on foot (3 hrs in total) to the Monastery of Guergueti - the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (sig.XIV) which is 2170 meters above sea level, where if the weather allows us to observe Mount Kazbegi with a height of 5047 meters above sea level On the way back we will visit the Ananuri Castle (sig.XVII). We will have a brief stop to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes of the Jinvali Reservoir along the Caucasus Mountains. In the afternoon we will return to Tbilisi. Accommodation in Tbilisi. (GIVES/-)

Optional: off-road vehicles to Guerguetti Cathedral - EUR 35 per car (6 people)

Day 9. Tbilisi / Sadajlo (Georgia-Armenia border) / Haghpat / Sanahin / Dilijan (150km)

After breakfast departure to the border of Armenia and Georgia 11:00. Meeting at the border. Border formalities, change of vehicle and guide. Departure to the city of Alaverdi, a city with copper mines located in the valley of the Debed River (El Cañon). Lunch. We visited the Hakhpat monastery and the nearby monastery of Sanahín which formed important centers of the culture of learning and writing and represent a unique blend between the domestic architecture of Caucasus and the evolved Byzantine style. Arrival. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Diliján. (B / L / D)

Day 10. Dilijan / Haghartsin / Lake Sevan / Noratus / Erevan (225km)

Breakfast at the hotel. The city Dilijan, is one of the most famous tourist centers in Armenia. We will visit the 13th century Haghartsin Monastery. Departure to Lake Sevan, the largest alpine lake in the world. This huge mountainous lake that occupies 5% of the total area of ​​Armenia, is located about 2,000 meters above sea level and is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. We will visit the monastery of Sevanavank, which is the most famous place on the peninsula. Lunch at a local restaurant. Departure to a unique place famous as the cemetery of the jachkars (stone cross), Noratus, an architectural style derived from Armenia. Departure to Yerevan. Hotel accommodation in Yerevan. (B / L  /-)

Day 11. Zvartnots / Etchmiadzin / Tour of the city Yerevan / Tsitsernakaberd / Vernissage (130 km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the ruins of the temple of Zvartnots (celestial angels). It is the pearl of the architecture of the 7th century, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Lunch in the

traditional restaurant We will return to Yerevan. Tour of the city of Yerevan. It is a city founded in 782 a.C., thus being one of the oldest cities in the world. During the circuit they will see the Republic Square which was designed by the traditional style of Armenian architecture and includes Government House, the Central Post Office, the National Art Gallery. We will visit the monument called Tsitsernakaberd, dedicated to victims of the Armenian genocide. In 1995, a small underground circular museum was opened next to the monument, where you can appreciate and learn basic information about the events that occurred in 1915. The image of Yerevan will not be complete without a visit to Vernissage, the market of rich crafts that rather It looks like an open-air museum. Here every Saturday and Sunday the skilled artisans present their works of silver and gold, stone and wood, ceramics and clay, embroidery, carpets, dolls in traditional costumes, various souvenirs, paintings and much more. Hotel accommodation in Yerevan. (B / L  /-)

Day 12: Yerevan / Matenadaran / Garni / Geghard / Fruit Market / Yerevan (100 km)

Breakfast at the hotel. We will visit Matenadaran - repository of the manuscripts that contain historical documents from all over Europe and Asia over many centuries. Also here is the first copy of the Bible in Armenia and the Gospels that fascinate with their miniatures. Departure to Garni (32 km), a town that is famous for its Garni temple, which was built in the 1st century AD. by King Tiridates I of Armenia and probably was dedicated to the Hellenistic god Mitra. During lunch we will see the elaboration of Armenian bread "lavash" in an underground oven called "tonir". Then we will go to the Geghard monastery, partially excavated in the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs, included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites. The monastic complex was founded in the fourth century by Gregory the Illuminator in the place of a sacred spring in the interior of a cave. Although there are inscriptions dating back to the 1160s, the main church was built in 1215. And finally visit the fruit market in Yerevan. Hotel accommodation in Yerevan. (B / L  /-)

Day 13: Departure

Airport transfer. Departure in regular flight back to Spain. (B / - / -)

Hotels / Estances / Prices

  • Azerbaijan

  • Baku - Central Park Hotel 4 * (

  • Sheki - Sheki Saray 4 * (

  • Georgia

  • Kvareli - Kvareli Eden 4 * (

  • Tbilisi - City center 4 * (

  • Gudauri - Gudauri inn 4 * (

  • Armenia

  • Yerevan - Ani Plaza 4 * (

  • Dilijan - Best Western Paradise 4 * (

Each person in double bedroom

2.275 €

+ taxes

Single supplement: 550 €

Guaranteed departure dates


APRIL: Arrival to Baku 13/04 - 25/04 Departure from Erevan
MAY: Arrival to Baku 18/05 - 30/05 Departure fromErevan
JUNE: Arrival to Baku 16/06 - 28/06 Departure from Erevan
JULY: Arrival to Baku 15/07 - 27/07 Departure from Erevan
AGOST: Arrival to Baku 12/08 - 24/08 Departure from Erevan